Monday, December 26, 2011

What a difference a year makes!

After getting home from taking mom and dad home for an afternoon outing, I remembered that there was a picture of daddy and I taken last year at Christmas. I guess you could say, a picture speaks a 1000 words.  I am proud of all I have accomplished this past year!  I am thankful that I got to spend another year with my Daddy!  I am grateful that God has made me uncomfortable in my transformation! I know that I still have a lot of work to do, but I am SO MUCH CLOSER today than I was a year ago!  
Not long ago, I read 
 excuses are just lies we tell ourselves so that we feel better for not putting up the hardwork it takes to reach our goals and dreams.
Failure is always an option, it is the choice we make when we believe the lies we tell ourselves.  In 2011, when my path was blocked with obstacles, it would have been so easy to make an excuse and go back to the old way.  With every obstacle, I had an option.  Some I walked thru with no little problem and some I turned around and regrouped then found another path.  There were a couple that put me flat on my butt, but when I was able to get back up and climb over them, I realized those were the ones that made me stronger in my faith. So in 2012, there is still much work to do!  Even when I feel like giving up, I love that God never gives up on me! 
December 25, 2010
December 26, 2011

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