Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Updates and Daddy!

It has been a couple of weeks since I have had time to post.  It has been a crazy and very emotional summer!  Girls are back in school!  They are 8th graders! WOW!  I will have high schoolers in 178 days~ thanks to Nina and Rhonda Kelly for pointing that fact out! 

Now it is time for me to get back on track with my training and maybe I can do a lot better with my blog.  We have 66 days till the girls and I do our FIRST half marathon!!!  Thoughout all the craziness of this summer, I have been able to maintain my weight loss.  But time for that to get back on track too!!! 

We have a couple more weeks and swimming will start up for the girls which will be great to get back into that routine.  The girls will do their 3rd and final M'boro KidsTry on August 27th!  This is a kids tri for kids up to the age of 14.  SPEAKING of which~ the girls turn 14 this Friday!  HOLY COW~ how did that happen! 

We are ready for some FOOTBALL!!!  Eagleville, MTSU, and yes~UT!  (Except for the weekend of November 5th when MTSU plays UT in Knoxville)  It is hard to be Bob Williams' daughter and not love Football and UT but on Nov 5th, I will have to wear blue!!!  And Clay loves Daddy for raising a football loving girl!  So with football and swimming our fall is FULL TO THE TOP! 

Speaking of Daddy~ On June 20th, Daddy had a CTscan that revealed our greatest fears~ there were three masses.  19 years ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He has had to deal with some issues as a result of this over the years. And has been a real trooper thru it all!  When this was discovered he was told that chemo was his only option.  This was a hard blow for us all but he started chemo about a month ago.  On July 30th, he was hospitalized with a blood clot.  He was released from the hospital on August 3rd (mother's 75th birthday) but on the way home he was able to do his second chemo treatment.  The day after each treatment he recieves a booster shot.  He is scheduled for his third treatment on the 24th of August. 
Our prayers are that the chemo will reduce the masses and he will regain his strength. 

We so appreciate all our family and friends and their support.  I have been blessed with some really great friends that have shown their love and support for my family!  Your love and concern has been a blanket around us!  Daddy is a very private man but he truly has appreciated the calls and cards.  If you would like his address, just email me @ mlmkam@aol.com   Thanks for the continued prayers and words of encouragement for our family during this time!  We know God will strenghten and sustain us!

August 6, 2011~ Katherine, Bob, Beth, & Mary Lane