Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First 5K and 500 miles!

Saturday, November 5, 2011, we left Knoxville at the start of the 4th quarter.  Clay wanted to make sure we got back in time for my FIRST 5K at 1:50am on Sunday morning!  YEP~ my first 5K (did the 1/2 marathon first) and YEP~in the wee hours of the morning!  Anything is Possible 5K for a great cause helping troops get the support they need once they arrive back home!  Needless to say....we made it!  Even had time to run home to change and the girls decided they wanted to go to bed....and as much as I would have loved for them to be there to cheer me on...I was glad!  My sweet brother in love decided that he would do it with me and stay with me!  I was grateful for his company and support! 
~~OK a little footnote about this race....If you have not figured it out.....the time will be negative!!!  We start at 1:50am the morning of the time falling back.  So at 2am the time goes back to 1am.  It was for a great cause but I LOVED that my first 5k would be a negative time!!! ~~

 Jim and I getting ready for the start.  I have to laugh at this picture...cause now I understand where my niece gets her talent for the closed eyes in pictures!  He had just been laughing!

 Here we are at the 1/2 way mark.  OK funny thing~this race is at the Avenues and they had a biker lead off to make sure you stayed on the course.  Well, Jim and I are rounding around the back of Belk's and the biker passes us.  We both looked at each other and commented what's up with that....OH MY GOODNESS.....WE GOT LAPPED!  Not by one runner but THREE!!!!  These three guys finished in 18 to 19 minutes.... at 20, 46, and 16 year old! AMAZING!!!! 

Here we are crossing the finish line. 
And if you are wondering...it is Clay who braved the time and cold to cheer us on and take pictures!

My goal was to do this in under 40 minutes with a negative 20 minute time.  At the 37 minute mark and knowing where we were and how much we had left to do, we made a time adjustment.  Under 45 minutes was the new adjustment. We came in, according to my watch, -17.14 but the official result time was -17.01.4.  It was not a chip timed race and we did start in the back to let all the jack rabbits get out in front.  I started my watch when we crossed the finish line so that would explain the time difference. We were on a 13.70 pace.  Totally ok with this time!  Considering that about 2 months ago, I was laughing at the thought of running. 
OH and the COOLEST THING about finishing this race..... I have now logged 500 miles crossing the finish line with my brother in love since the end of March.  I was telling Clay I really had thought that I would have been to that sooner UNTIL I started training for the 1/2 marathon.  Funny, I had to hold back on my mileage. 

This Saturday, I will be doing my 2nd 5k.  I have yet to signed up for my next 1/2 yet....trying to figure out where I want to do that one.  I never in a million years would have thought that I would have ever done anything like this!  But now as I approach my 47th birthday in 111 days, my list is changing!  My new goal is to 500 more miles for a total of 1000 by my birthday which will be a 1000 in 11 months!  And to do a full marathon before I am 50 and that is only 1207 days away (If I did that math right). 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Katherine takes the Hill on foot!

Saturday, November 5, 2011, Mary Lane and Katherine went to their first UT Vols football came.  It was only the second time in my life that I stepped foot in Neyland Stadium not wearing orange! Being a MTSU alum, those that know me know I have a deep love for UT but will support the Blue Raiders.  Mary Lane decided she would wear blue in support of the Blue Raiders playing the Vols for UT's homecoming although she is an Auburn fan!  BUT Katherine said she was going in her orange.  The past several years, she has gone between wanting to go to UT or Naval Academy.  This may have totally won her over.  Driving up to Knoxville, Clay and I were telling stories about our UT past.  Mine started before my birth!  My dad attended UT and has had orange running thru his veins forever!  Our family history runs deep with UT Football!  Dad grew up with the Majors Family! He played every sport he could under Shirley Majors prior to Coach moving to Huntland.  Phillip Fulmer was one of Dad's first recruits to UT and Jeff Hall was his last with many others sprinkled in.  Dad, Phillip, and Jeff all graduated from Franklin Co. (about 20 years apart).  And funny thing about Phillip and Jeff, if not for my daddy, both would have ended up at Alabama.  No telling how many others from Franklin Co, Daddy kept from going to Alabama. 

Before the game, our family ate at Litton's, which has become a family tradition for us.  We swim at least one meet a year at UT.  So usually, we are there with a bunch of wet headed swimmers with a table FULL of food with NO leftovers.  Mary Lane and I split a burger and there were still leftovers.  With full bellies and happy faces, it was then time to head to the stadium.

As we were walking to the bookstore (a must on game day), we all got to laughing cause THIS WAS A FIRST FOR ME!  All my life, Daddy parked in the parking garage by the bookstore.  So we walked but only across the street.  Last time MTSU played at UT, Daddy still had his season tickets and we used them along with his parking pass.  This time Clay purchased from the MTSU ticket office and when he told me where they were, I was not sure if I was going to be able to do it.  THE UPPER DECK!   AKA nosebleed.  Our friend, Michael sat behind us, and had to laugh at my white knuckle grip. 

 Only 4 1/2 years hopefully!
Blue Raiders warming up on the Field! 
 Band of Blue in the stands.  The girls found their cousins using the binoculars!
 Sitting in our sits all smiles! 
 Katherine all smiles with the jumbo tron behind her.  She got cold and put her MTSU sweat shirt on.  But still has her orange hair bow showing!

The halftime show was amazing as ALWAYS! But the girls did notice that the band does not fill the entire field like the Band of Blue.  The halftime show as a special tribute to Dr. Julian to celebrate 50 years!  He introduced so many things to UT~ the T the team runs thru, the Circle Drill, Rocky Top to name a few.  And yes, no matter in blue or orange.....I still sing Rocky Top. 

We did leave at the end of 3rd quarter to make the hike back to the car and get thru game day traffic because I had to get back to Murfreesboro so that I could do my FIRST 5k at 1:50am!  The girls laughed as we hiked back....well, mom here is your warm up!  It was a wonderful family day, sharing this Williams family tradition with my sweet daughters.